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A few words from Rose-Hip Vital® customers

  • Here is an update from Grace: Very happy to recommend 'ROSEHIP" again. About three years ago I developed arthritis in one knee and my hips - after trying a few products with success - I heard about 'ROSEHIP', after 3 weeks I couldn't believe the pain was gone - amazing really. I have just climbed "The Eiffel Tower". My last holiday last year was in Italy, various parts of Europe - I climbed "The Spanish Steps", walked over all the cobblestone streets for weeks - no pain at all. I also work in "Film/TV" where there are hours of standing around. I'm sure without my daily taking of 'ROSEHIP" I couldn't do all these things. Thanks you for a really great product that actually works.
    Grace - Edithvale, VIC
  • I have been competing in Dressage for more than twelve years, and in that time I have campaigned a range of horses, including three at Grand Prix level. Over the last few years I have maintained 5-6 horses in work whilst undertaking study and now my profession – I spend a lot of time each day in the saddle, but also a large amount of time sitting in the car or behind a desk. As a younger (more stupid) rider, I have also found myself riding horses that were more exuberant than most. As a result, I’ve been dealing with back pain for a long time. I was on scholarship with the ACT Academy of Sport for four years – weekly physio sessions, and ultimately expensive scans, failed to diagnose or treat the pain. Strength and conditioning work at the gym several times per week also made little impact; often making it worse. Since coming off scholarship I dragged myself to physio when things got unbearable, but aside from that, I just got on with it (though apparently my family put up with a bit of whingeing too). In late 2013 my back flared up, so I was once again at physio, every competition I rode with my back taped and all I could smell was Dencorub. I was thinking that I’m 26 years old and this shouldn’t be happening! I’ve now been taking the human version of Rose-Hip Vital for the last six weeks. While I still have a minor pinching, the burning ache is gone and I have to say, I haven’t been to the physio nor had to have my back taped since I’ve been taking the product. Where before, if I saw something on the ground, I had to make a conscious decision whether it was worth the pain to bend down and pick it up, or whether it could stay there. It took a while for me to realise that I was suddenly picking things up without thought. I have more energy which is not surprising seeing as I’m no longer in a fog of pain. I have made plans to go and train in Europe, something that I wasn’t confident my back would cope well with before now. I can safely say that I’m very impressed and I’m relieved to have found something that works for me. As far as Rose-Hip Vital Equine goes, I’ve always been extremely sceptical of most oral supplements on the market. Most of the time, these products only have anecdotal evidence of their success – nothing quantitative or scientific. Given the impact that the product has had on me, I’m prepared to use the equine version as a maintenance supplement for my horses. Neither Jive Matrix or Danse Avec Moi had any significant issues, so their response has not been the same emphatic one that I’ve seen in myself, however they are both moving more freely and consistently. The horses don’t mind the taste either. I like the fact that it is a natural product, particularly in this day and age as we start to discover the ill-effects of synthetic substances. Of course, competing at major competitions I need a product that does not contain prohibited ingredients, and once again Rose-Hip Vital ticks the box. So, as an athlete, I couldn’t speak more highly of the product and its contribution to my wellbeing and my equestrian objectives.
    Jodie Newall - Grand Prix Dressage Rider
  • Chicko is an 8 year old toy poodle and has been on RHVC since 10th of February 2014, she had her left leg cruciate ligament done a couple of years ago and  she was booked in to have the right leg luxating patella done on the 20th of February 2014. I dropped her off at the vet and they rang me  to say she has had the aesthetic, but they rang me back within 10 minutes to say that the specialist won’t be doing her leg today as he doesn’t think it is bad enough just yet.  Don’t know if being on the powder did any of the improvement in 10 days but who knows. I still give her 2 scoops a day (breakfast & dinner) and I am happy to continue with the 2 scoops. I started taking the RHV super strength with GOPO myself at around the same time, it was taking me a little while for my ankles and legs to uncreak lol but now after doing the loading dose, I am continuing with the 3 tabs a day and my creaks are getting less and less. I would recommend this product and the canine product to everyone, it’s a nice natural alternative to the nasty drugs some people get on prescription, but it could also be used as a complimentary treatment to the prescribed
    Karen from Facebook
  • I have multiple problems with my right foot, plantar fasciitus, ganglion cyst, stress fractures and arthritis. My surgeon wants to do bone fusion but since taking Rose Hip Vital with GOPO I have had the best results re pain so at this stage I am not contemplating the surgery. No longer need Panadol Osteo either. Very happy! I love the fact that I can take something that is 100% natural and it works! Also I have been attending a gym class for "oldies" and am amazed at the weights I have been lifting, etc.
    Margaret from Facebook
  • I have fairly bad arthritis and over the years have tried natural, over the counter products and Prescription medication to try and ease the symptoms. The natural/ over the counter treatments didn't help and unfortunately my stomach can't handle the Prescription ones ! I stumbled across your Facebook page and liked what I was reading, so about a month ago decided to give the Rosehip Capsules a try. Not only can I walk upright of a morning, my hands and fingers seem to work again !! In that time, I also had a shoulder reconstruction, which is supposed to put me out of action for several months. I haven't had to take pain killers since leaving hospital and feel quite free in the movement that I have !! I have just ordered two more bottles and have my supply of capsules packed for our up coming overseas trip, I'm not risking seizing up again.
    Wendy - Strathalbyn, SA
  • Thank you so much for this product, while my husband was working in Australia he saw this advertise on the TV and decided that I must try it out before the Dr operate, I must say Rosehip Vital help, I could not climb three steps then the pain was terrible, at night I could not lie on my sides it was so pain full. With my next visit at my Dr who want to operate I told him about the Rose Hip Vital he was amazed. Your assistance with the email is greatly appreciated as SA Post Office is so full of red tape it is unbelievable. Thank you again!!!!
    Estelle - Durban, South Africa
  • 6 months ago Labrador Rescue were approached by Rosehip Vital Canine, they very generously offered to sponsor Jethro (please check fb pages to read his story) after seeing his recovery, I discussed the human form with the wonderful people at HO and they sent me some to try... My story: I was working as a cook in an Italian restaurant, also moving house and my partner (now hubby) had just changed jobs. I put constant aches and pains down to menopause, turned out to be pancreatic cancer and I was given 6 weeks to live, I saw a surgeon at RPA, he performed a 9 hour surgery and I am :) One major side effect of the surgery I had, I have a lot of joint pain, but my body cannot tolerate fish oil etc....I have noticed a major difference in how I get up of a morning since starting on RHV,I don't ache like I used to and my body can tolerate it . I'm so impressed with the difference I feel, I recommended it to my stepfather, used to be a steeplechase jockey and he has noticed an improvement already.
    Margaret - Woonona East, NSW
  • Having led a seriously sporting life from a young age and being competitive by nature, my body has had its share of gruelling times. Being a Physiotherapist I know the problems with joints and ageing, wear and tear, it's inevitable and especially when an active sporting lifestyle has been a way of life. More to the point is that I am still wanting to be active and competitive. My joints ache but I ignore them or take anti-inflammatories. I have tried many different joint formulas and can say that I have never found any benefit and it wasn't from the lack of trying. I was asked for some photos to use in an advertising campaign for Rose Hip Vital. I had a meeting to discuss the pictures needed and found out a little about Rose Hip Vital. (Here we go another one of those natural therapies !!!) Now being sceptical about additives for horses etc I was not prepared to use it. It wasn't free and how can you tell in an equine athlete. I then said if it worked on people then I would consider it of benefit to horses. I did start the Rose Hip Vital and despite my ho hum attitude I have been truly blown away with the result. I cannot tell enough people the difference it has made to my life. I am fitter, thinner and healthier and my joint pain is without doubt minimised. I am on no other medication at all and I can absolutely say that Rose Hip Vital has changed my life. I can get out of bed and walk straight down the stairs without any problem which I haven't done for years. My wrists and thumbs no longer hurt and I have not run a step for years and the other day I had to hurry to get somewhere and I ran without thinking and when I got there a bit puffed !! I realised what I had just done. There is no question at all, that Rose Hip Vital is an amazing additive to my life and I will not go a day without it. I have to say that above all I have not felt so fit and healthy for years and I have not changed a thing. I simply feel better and have less joint pain so I am able to do more and so the wheel goes around. I feel fantastic and of course this all leads to a better mind set and positive outlook. My life is all good and what’s more so many people have asked how come I look fitter and healthier and that I am riding better. The answer is obvious! It's exciting. Of course my horses are both on RoseHip Vital and Weltsohn who 15 months ago sustained a serious stifle injury that required surgery and the prognosis from top vets here in Australia and America gave him little hope. 12 months later he became sound and I was able to start working him gently and this was the time I was trying Rose Hip Vital and believed it helped so Sonny started. It’s been three months and he looks fantastic. He has bloomed from a hairy no muscled unathletic looking dressage horse who was a Grand Prix Athlete 15 months ago. He is healthy and shiny and back to being his excitable self. Above all he is having no problem with his joint at all and the scans and Xrays are remarkable. I attribute his lucky break to great vet attention and prompt and appropriate treatment and above all rest. I never thought he would come sound and nor did most vets. He did and now Rose Hip Vital is helping keep him on track. Never believed I would ride another Grand Prix test on him and he travelled to Melbourne for his first competition and was Fantastic. Totally healthy and placed mid field. His luck was that he developed a foot abscess and I had to withdraw. His stifle is perfect and his health is the best ever. He is absolutely as he was prior to the injury. I am sure Roes Hip Vital is working. It's a wonderful product and I swear by it for me and my horses.
    Roger Fitzhardinge - Dressage Specialist Rider, Coach and Physiotherapist
  • Recently I visited a chemist and found Rose-Hip Vital with GOPO on the counter and after reading that it helped with arthritis, I decided to give it a go. I have tried all the different fish/krill oils and various other natural remedies but nothing has helped me. I have suffered with osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia for years. I'm 58 years old and have had a knee replacement and was resigned to the fact that I would need to have my other one done in the near future, as it too, was causing me a lot of pain. I was a little dubious about having to take 5 capsules in the morning and evening for 3 weeks, however I was determined to give Rose-Hip a try. Just before the 3 weeks were up I was disheartened and thought that they were going to be just like all the other so called 'remedies', but about 2 days into taking just 5 once a day I woke up, climbed gingerly out of bed as usual and was astounded because I had no pain whatsoever in my knee. I am so thrilled with the results I tell anyone who will listen about how great it is. I have remained pain free and cannot thank the Rose-Hip Specialists enough for their wonderful product.
    Valerie - Duncraig, WA
  • My friend Shirley from South Yunerup in WA recommended I try Rose Hip Vital (capsules), I am 62 years old and I have Osteoarthritis and Gout. I have been suffering with chronic pain throughout my body for a number of years, finally, a product that gives me such fantastic relief, I am able to walk, squat, the joint swelling is almost non-existent, able to use my hands with minimal pain, lower back pain has pretty much disappeared and I am also finally getting a good nights sleep, my feet and lower back used to ache and burn every night, not any more. I am so happy with the product, feel fantastic. I cannot recommend this product enough, I have tried so many remedies with little success, Rose Hip Vital has certainly worked wonders for my body, I am halfway through my second bottle and will change to the powder form as I have heard it will be easier to take. Update Feb 14. I have osteoarthritis throughout my body and have been suffering with joint pain for a lot of years, the soles of my feet used to burn like they were on fire and my legs were so restless, I hardly ever got a good nights sleep, then quite by accident I discovered Rose Hip Vital and decided I would give it a try, having tried many natural remedies, none have given me the relief that i have had since starting on Rose Hip Vital, I have now been taking it for nearly two years and it has worked wonders for me.
    Jan - Eagleby, QLD
  • I have used various medications for relief of arthritic pain in hands and particularly feet for a number of years with only some success. On reading an article in a health magazine about Rosehip Vital I purchased a bottle capsules & after a month have had far more relief than hoped for. I can now walk easily & am back playing tennis. Great stuff, especially since it’s all organic & no chemicals are involved.
    Chris - Mosman, NSW
  • It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for rosehip vital because other arthritis sufferers deserve to hear that there is relief from their pain. I have arthritis in my right hand, particularly affecting the index and middle fingers with the distal interphalangeal (top) being the most painful and swollen. As I am right handed, I found the swelling and intensity of the pain to be very debilitating. I cannot take most painkillers, NSAIDS and other anti-inflammatory drugs. Then I heard about Rosehip Vital and the stories of relief that arthritis sufferers were experiencing. I was very interested, but I don’t take anything for granted: so I did as much research on the internet as possible. Both scientific and testimonial information convinced me Rosehip Vital was something I should try. I was astounded at how quickly Rosehip Vital reduced both the swelling and the pain, to the point that the affected joints now rarely bother me at all. I take 5 capsules in the morning and I’m not taking any other supplements or pain killers, no am I using anti-inflammatory cream. My joints are quire flexible and pain free, and life is back to normal. I can highly recommend Rosehip Vital to all arthritis sufferers. You have nothing to lose and maybe, everything to gain.
    Carol - Kanimbla, QLD
  • I am not in the habit of recommending or knocking products I have contact with if I am unhappy I just move on and forget it. In the case of your Rose-Hip Vital I felt I had to comment on the product. In late 2007 after shoulder surgery I became ill and in extreme pain and for some time I could not be diagnosed. When I eventually was suffering with severe Polymyalgia Rheumatica I was on a very strict regime of strong medication and exercise. For two years this was sufficient to keep the pain away but I had numerous side effects. Predominately loss of sleep pattern rarely getting more than an hour or two of sleep a night, drastic loss of weight, up to seven kilos a week as I was unable to eat and had to force myself to eat. However I was able to lead a reasonable life. I tried numerous combinations of vitamin supplements etc and expensive homeopathic remedies. I was getting desperate as I had now lost just over twenty five kilos in weight and could barely muster up the energy to drive my wife down to the shops etc. My wife has been taking your product from some years for her dietary problems associated with Coeliac disease and feels it has been good for her so I decided to try it myself. Frankly I did not expect any result but after only two weeks of using it I have a great appetite for the first time in two years and heaps of energy and feel the best I have in the last two years. I would have no hesitation in recommending your product to anyone with problems such as mine which while far from rare it is uncommon especially as severe as mine.
    John - Werribee, VIC
  • I’m writing to say how I’ve found my arthritis to be since I started taking Rose-Hip Vital about 4 or so years ago. I no longer need prescription drugs or have the need to take pain relievers. I used to get a lot of pain in my fingers and now they no longer trouble me so long as I keep taking the capsules. I play bowls and get about fairly well and I think it is all up to taking the Rose-Hip.
    Deirdre - Pambula, NSW
  • My wife 63 and I, 66, have been taking Rose-Hip Vital now for several years. We first saw the product advertised on a TV feature and both having some arthritic problems decided to try this reputed natural remedy. I had problem making a ‘fist’ with either hand and could not clench either hand tightly. After a month of using Rose-Hip Vital I could make a complete ‘fist’, meaning I had the ability to clench and close each hand tightly, something I could not do before taking this marvellous natural remedy. My wife suffered from some knee pain whilst sleeping and that soon went as well after using this product. We both find ourselves sleeping better and generally enjoying doog health from the number of minerals and elements contained in this product. We have both recently had complete eye check ups and our macula, optic nerves and blood vessels have shown up as excellent, I’m sure helped by this product. We both thoroughly recommend Rose-Hip Vital for general good health and symptomatic relief from some from those terrible arthritic problems we all seem to suffer as we age.
    Brian and Karen - Padstow Heights, NSW
  • I, SS, who was recommended Rose-Hip Vital have been using for just 2 weeks and these are the few things which I have noticed, was first my energy level went up by the first day. My elbow, knee joints and finger felt immediate relief by next day. Would I recommend it to others? Certainly. Would I continue after my joint feel better? Yes. Why? Because I certainly feel energized and I would like to continue while I am alive.
    SS - Pakenham, VIC
  • Just writing to let you know how Rose-Hip Vital has helped me. A friend put me on to it last year so I thought I would give it a try to help control the pain in my knee and feet especially after working. It has really helped me and was very noticeable when I ran out of tables at one time. The difference it has made to my walking is great and I look forward to continuing pain free.
    Rosemary - Drouin, VIC
  • Good, has relieved pain in both hands.
    Hilary - Oxley Park, NSW
  • I have only used 1 bottle of the capsules but I cannot say enough about how much I find them as wonderful product. I am almost free of pain arthritis, osteo and pain in my hands and much improved my mobility. On the days I garden, wash or vacuum I don’t have any pain and aches I use to. The aches I used to get in shoulders and neck are only a memory, thank goodness. I took 10 tablets for the first 2 weeks and now only 5 daily. God bless Rose-Hip Vital.
  • I would like to express my opinion on your product as I have found it amazing. I am a twenty eight year old plumber with a lower back problem that has been causing me grief for four years now. I have a slight disc bulge with what is described to me be professionals as neuropathic nerve pain. Not a nice experience to go through for anybody. I have tried many different things to try and solve the problem but nothing has really worked. I was given some medication by a professional to target the nerve pain component of my problem but have issues with heavy medications and basically refuse to take them due to all the side effects. Rose-Hip vital was recommended to me by a naturopath in a health store. I was a little sceptical at first but after taking Rose-Hip for three weeks I noticed a MASSIVE difference in my pain levels. Not quite sure what component of the Rose-Hip is targeting my problem but it is working. I stopped and started taking the Rose-Hip just to see if it was my imagination or it was really helping. After a few months of this it is only fair to say that the stuff really works. I recommend the product to all.
  • My husband Terry was diagonised with oesteoarthritis 6 months ago and my daughter saw Rose-Hip Vital on Current Affair, so we went on the computer and the next day I went and got the tablets which Terry takes 5 a day. We then saw the powder come out and he now takes a scoop once a day and finds it better than taking the tablets.(he hates taking tablets)Overall he is pleased with the result as his fingers have settled down and has more movement and less pain which is what he has been looking for.
    Robyn - Palmerston, NT
  • It actually works.
    Danny - St. Clair, NSW
  • I was 51 years old, I am a Nurse for Aged Care. Since 2006 I was diagnosed with Mild Degenerative Arthritis, Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Elevated Rheumatoid Factor. I was in so much pain my left leg was just like a piece of wood when I walk and I could bearly walked up and down stairs from train station. At night it was a nightmare every night my whole body was in so much pain I could not sleep it felt like I was going out of my skin and it is difficult to even explain the pain I had. I continued to work and did not take any sick leave. My doctor put me on medications pain killers, Mobic and Prednisone (which made me put on weight) also Doctor said it will take up to two years to get better. I was tired of going back to the Doctor for follow ups. My pain was not getting better but I was getting fat. I said to myself enough is enough, I stopped all the medications and I heard about the Rose-Hip Vital from a Health Store when I passed by the Health Store I said to myself I will try something that is natural and without side effects. I brought one bottle and I felt my pain was slowly subsiding and when I finished the bottle of Rose-Hip Vital my pain was almost gone. I continued taking Rose-Hip Vital and started to order the Rose-Hip Vital direct from them. I when to my Doctor and asked for Rheumatoid Factor blood test and guess what my blood test show no Rheumatoid Factor after about 8 weeks. What a relief and all the pain was gone and I could walk like a normal person. I even lost weight and back to my 55 kilos. Since my diagnose I have been taking Rose-Hip Vital every morning.
    Mary Irene
  • In early 2010 out of nowhere I developed arthritis in my right hand rendering it useless. My hand developed the claw look along with really bad swelling and the pain was something I have never experience before. As a result I was unable to rub the run of the mill remedies into my hand nor were other oral remedies easing the pain let alone the arthritis. After reading an article on line on Rose-Hip Vital a long time friend recommended I try the product and after 3-4 weeks of following the capsule dosage I was out of pain and back leading a normal life and now Rose-Hip Vital has become part of my normal life. In August 2011 I was in Mona Vale hospital for 4 weeks during which time I was not able to take the Rose-Hip Vital and the same arthritic symptoms started creeping back however while in rehabilitation the medical staff allowed me to recommence with them and were absolutely amazed at the result. In just a matter of days my hand was back to normal again and in fact two of the nursing staff who have arthritis have purchased the product.
    Gabriel - Dee Why, NSW
  • My husband has been taking Rose-Hip Vital (powder) for 5 weeks now, the pain in his hands has settled right down. For the first time in 12 months he has been able to put his wedding ring back on, which we are very happy about. At night he would moan and cry out in pain whenever he moved but now when he moves there are no more moans or cries of pain. Prior to starting Rose-Hip Vital he was taking some very, very strong pain killers, now he is medication free. Thanks Rose-Hip Vital for helping my husband.
  • I have been suffering this winter from osteoarthritis in my knees/legs to the point where I was wandering what to do next. My wife and I live on 34 acres just out of Gympie. I saw your advert on TV and purchased some Rose-Hip Vital. Within 2/3 days the improvement was dramatic and after 1 month of taking these capsules the pain has reduced by 80-90%. I am every so greatful and will be taking these capsules for years to come.
    Brian - Kandanga, QLD
  • After taking Rose-Hip Vital it has improved my arthritis pain.
    Kathy - St. Clair, NSW
  • Just a brief note in favour of your product. I was a very heavy user of pain medication for many years since my accident in 1987. I have been taking nothing other than your pills for nearly 3 months now and do not even need Panadol. I have major disc prolapsed in my back and wear a back brace while working, but now only as a reminder to be careful and my arthritis is a non event also. I have got many friends now trying it as they have seen the changes in me. It is a great product and I wish you all the best. Cheers, Roy P.S. my friend is now trying your powder on his horses so look forward to his results. And more….. Thank you for your time. It was a pleasure to speak with you and am here if someone wants to be encouraged to try your product. The changes it has made to me are amazing in that I can do a lot of normal things I could not do before due to the aches and pains. My carpal tunnel is a huge thing in my trade and very common. As a Pastry cook your hands are your job, as is my back. The Arthritis has not as yet been proven by a doctor but the crackling in the joints tells me that it is there, the pain in my back is just annoying now when it was the ruler of my life before. If I had the money I would love to see an MRI of any changes to my spine in 6 months of being on the Rose-Hip Vital. As in theory I am not meant to be able to be baking anymore. The world is a Bed of Roses on Rose-Hip Vital. Cheers, Roy.
  • "I have been taking Rose-Hip vital since it first came on the market. I have very painful arthritis in my hands, I can't wear my wedding or engagement rings any more. I was a pianist, and can play very little now (it's not what it used to be), even though I do practise every day. It's very frustrating not to be able to play as well as I did a few years ago. I always buy two Rose-Hip Vital when I purchase, so there is always one in the cupboard, I dare not run out of them, as I can tell if I miss a day. They have saved me suffering more pain than I can bear, so good on you!! I also purchased the powder, as one of my little dogs has an arthritic knee, and she has it sprinkled on her breakfast. She now can jump on her hind legs when excited, so it seems to have helped her also. I also like taking it because it is a natural product, no chemicals, which always seem to give me side effects. I hope you never stop producing this product.
  • Rose-Hip Vital has relieved pain, I am suffering from a shoulder injury, giving me more rest at night and a feeling of well-being, less pain.
    Collin - Werrington, NSW
  • Thank you ‘Rose-Hip Vital’: after taking the powder for approximately 3 weeks, I noticed that the severe neck and joint pain I had lived with for so many years has eased considerably! My sleep pattern has returned to a peaceful level and I have not being woken suddenly at night by excruciating leg pains. I can highly recommend this wonderful product to anyone that suffers from debilitating pain and discomfort and have made a commitment to myself to remain on it for life!!
  • G'Day I'm Doug from Horsham (Vic.) and I'm suffering from Osteoarthritis in the Lumbar region of my back and more especially in my Right Hip. In the words of both my surgeon and myself - 'it's buggered'. Complete hip replacement in November, all going well. Needless to say, I've been in constant pain for some time. On a scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 (Highest) I average an 8. Going to 10 when I've been doing something silly like housework or gardening. I had been taking a very well known non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, which was doing its job extremely well. BUT, I was getting very concerned about long-term side effects, such as damage to kidneys, etc. After doing research I discovered Rose-Hip Vital. I was a little sceptical because I had tried a Herbal Pain Killer in the past with very little positive result. But let's face it, when you're in constant pain you'll try anything. I commenced Rose-Hip Vital on 3 Sept. 2010. After about a week, to get into the system. I could feel it working. I take them morning and afternoon and I'm very happy to say that my pain, whilst not 100% gone, is completely manageable to the extent that I can get around and actually do the housework and all the other odd-jobs around the house. Yes, after being up for a while pain does return, but with a short rest I'm back on the job again. I'm also pleased to say, that whilst not 'knocking the other drug' I haven't had to take the anti-inflammatory for over FIVE weeks. Thank You Rose-Hip Vital. I have no hesitation in recommending Rose-Hip Vital to anyone suffering the pain of Osteo-Arthritis. As a side result, Rose-Hip is extremely high in Vitamin C, so I probably won't get a cold either.
    Douglas - Horsham, VIC
  • Just dropping you a line to say how very much I like your Rose-Hip product. I have just celebrated (for want of a better word) my 80th. I have been suffering with arthritis for a few years and naturally it gets worse. After trying several medicines + treatment I read an advertisement for your product in a magazine and tried it. Its’ wonderful . I can’t believe the relief I am experiencing. Thank you. Mrs Walker.
    Mrs Walker
  • Since I have been using Rose Hip Vital it has reduced the pain in my joints and fingers and I am now able – as example to open bottle tops without pain.
    Storm - Willmot, NSW
  • I am writing this email because I just have to tell you how delighted I am with your product Rose-Hip Vital. A few weeks ago (happy, happy day!) a pharmacist told me she knew of something that I would be able to take, a natural anti-inflammatory product which she had had many good reports about from her customers. This of course was Rose-Hip Vital. To my surprise after only ten days I felt sure there was some improvement. As the weeks went by I gradually dispensed with the drug doses, one by one, starting with the oxycontrin, then the Panadol. I just couldn't believe it and started to feel so much better in myself. I think this was also helped by the fact that your product is high in Vitamin C which has always upset my stomach when taking tablets, but not with Rose-Hip Vital. Another plus! After the suggested three weeks of ten capsules per day I now take the maintenance dose of five capsules. I feel as if I am still improving and what a difference it has made to my life. No more horrible pains in my feet, legs and back at night and therefore, much sounder sleep. I could go on and on! I think I am a much happier person and not so irritable. Today I realised that I had only taken two Osteo-Eze in 36 hours and that was after doing a fair bit of walking etc. The capsules of Rose-Hip Vital are very easy to swallow but I mustn't forget the best thing, when I had my regular INR blood test for the first time after taking Rose-Hip Vital I wondered how it would be - perfect reading! So what else can I say? Now I want to tell some of my many friends who suffer from arthritis.
  • Thank you so much for introducing me to the benefits of Rose-Hip Vital. I have 5 different back conditions (two if which I was born with) and last year was diagnosed with arthritis. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with spondylosis in the back (similar to arthritis). Unfortunately I am allergic to other supplements for my conditions so Rose-Hip Vital is the perfect alternative for me. Within a couple of weeks I noticed significant changes after starting your product. The lumps on my wrists and big toe disappeared along with the pain – much to my surprise! Recently I had a very bad fall injuring my poor old back and fracturing my shoulder. I was hospitalised and did not have my Rose-Hip Vital with me. After about a week the lumps on my wrists re-appeared and after recommencing with GOPO I am starting to notice the benefits again. It may not be very glamorous but I am sending some to my Mum for Mother’s day as she has had arthritis since she was 30 and i feel sure this will help her. Once again, thank you for letting me know about your fantastic product. I would recommend it to anyone with similar conditions as mine. Yours sincerely, KD
  • Thank you for a wonderful product as my husband suffers from arthritis in his knees and he is now able to move more freely and also your product also helps with my shoulder which isn't caused by arthritis but by my tendon being pinched in the joint and Rose-Hip Vital helps control the pain.
  • The Rose-Hip Vital certainly works. Mum is now moving about with normal house hold works and so as other relatives I had distributed to them. If you can recall Theo, the gentleman I ordered one bottle for him in my previous order, he is now a happy man after 8 years of limping. The product is hope for so many who had been suffering. Thank you & regards, Graham.
  • I have had a couple of products for my lower back pain and lately both hips were painful when walking up stairs. When “Elmore Oil’ didn’t work I didn’t think any natural products would. I heard about Rose-Hip Vital, thought probably wasting my money – what a wonderful surprise? By the end of three weeks, I was absolutely amazed. I hardly could believe I didn’t have that pain - I could walk up stairs without pain in my hips. This is so wonderful for me, as I work as an ‘extra ‘in film and TV so there is lots if standing around so ‘’Thank you’’ for a truly wonderful product. I’ll be spreading the word – if you consider ever doing ‘’ads’’ I am very happy to do anything. Yours faithfully, Grace
  • It has helped my shoulder and arm. I have used this product for a year now; it has made me able to do work I haven’t been able to do.
    Douglas - Doonside, NSW
  • Just wanted to let you know after seeing how well I've been doing on RHV for the last few years my Husband finally decided to try it. I'm thrilled to say that the pain he's been suffering in the joints of his fingers has all but gone after just 3 weeks. Thanks RHV for making a product that actually works. PS. I'm also convinced that RHV helps me to fight off winter colds.
  • I am writing to let you know how good Rose-Hip Vital is. I have arthritis in both knee, toes, hand elbow, shoulder, back, neck, jaw, since taking your products I haven’t had to take doctor pain tablets. I was taking 8 or more a day, I was waking up about 1.00am at night in terrible pain. I would take a tablet or most times getting into a hot bath and then go back to bed. They worked nearly straight away. I went into it with a thought they most likely won’t work. I have taken all other products on the market, more wasted money. The only thing my friends don’t like is I can’t tell them when it is going to rain, I have a 100% rate. I usually stay in bed the day before it rains. I did some walking around the shops, first time in years, it was good. When I get my jaw x-rayed the man said it was the worst he’d seen. He’d seen I had needles in my jaw and knees. Yours faithfully, Lorrie. Thank you for your product
  • Hi this is to let everyone who is reading this know how wonderful Rose-Hip Vial is for you. I have Osteo-Arthritis in both my knees and I have found by taking Rose-Hip Vital I have almost no pain and I am able to walk a lot further than ever before. I would recommend Rose-Hip Vital for anyone young or old it has no side effects and is very gentle on the stomach I found I was getting results within 7 days and the benefits just kept getting better the longer I took them. They are absolutely marvellous and in my I would say miraculous. Thanks to Rose-Hip Vital I have my life back on track.
    Deborah - Cambridge Gardens, NSW
  • Since commencing on Rosehip vital I’ve noticed considerable relief of pain in finger joint & knee & hip. Therefore I’m not feeling tired during day at work.
    Margaret - St. Marys, NSW
  • After preparing our two storey house for sale, I ended up with Bursitis in both my shoulders, it was very painful. The simple things of everyday life were too painful to do. Even massage were too painful too handle. Then I saw the ad for Rose-Hip Vital and it has changed my life, after a time movement became easier. So after our sea change, I am back gardening, cleaning and best of all back playing tennis. I have my life back. Also with Rose-Hip Vital having Vitamin C in it, that’s one less tablet I have to take, so I am saving there as well. Be patient it will happen.
    Vicki - Callala Bay, NSW
  • After my knee replacement I was sick of taking pain killing tablets 6 months later. My wife was taking Rose-Hip Vital and she insisted I give them a go and be patient (so I did). Then I realized I wasn’t looking for the pain tablets and was able to come off them. Now 7 weeks after my second knee replacement I am back on Rose-Hip Vital and are having less & less of pain killers. I am walking without any aids now. I know in time I’ll be off the pain killers. We have been recommending Rose-Hip Vital to all our friends.
    Brian - Callala Bay, NSW
  • Hi and thanks for a wonderful product. I can't believe that after just 10 days, most of my arthritic pain has abated. It used to be that if I kneeled down in the middle of a room - I couldn't ever get back up unassisted, but now, I can squat and rise with no help at all. It's quite amazing and again, thanks.
    Rosemary - Carlton, TAS
  • I am so thankful for this product - the pain and stiffness in my hands are gone as well as the severe pain in my knee (Osteo Arthritis). I started with 10 capsules a day and after 3 weeks I could feel a significant improvement - I then reduced it to 5 a day and have been using it for 2 months now - I have had no pain in this time. I feel that Rose-Hip Vital is a fantastic product and has given me much pain relief - thank you so much! God bless you :)
  • After 3-4 weeks I have noticed quite a difference in the stiffness and aches I have had most of the time.
    Joan - St. Marys, NSW
  • I am writing to advise you about my health issues and how Rose-Hip Vital has helped me. About 18 months ago I was having severe knee pain. After being referred to an Orthopaedic Surgeon who sent me for an MRI scan it turned out that I have a radial tear of the medial meniscus. In addition there was significant chondral wear in the medial compartment as well as arthritis in the knee. The advice I received was that it was unlikely that there would be any significant improvement with an arthroscopic debridement and that I was too young to have a knee replacement. The specialist outlined a number of non-operative measures to manage the pain which included Physiotherapy, exercises and taking Glucosamine all of which I undertook. While the exercise did provide some relief, the Glucosamine did little to help. Then I discovered Rose-Hip Vital. I have been taking it now for over 18 months and the results are amazing. It took around three months before the effects were noticeable but now I no longer wear a knee brace while playing golf and provided I am careful with what activities I undertake, I have no pain and only some minor discomfort from time to time. Thanks to Rose-Hip Vital I now have a situation that I can manage myself and hopefully can put off the inevitable knee replacement for at least another 5 years. I have no idea about the true medical benefits of Rose-Hip Vital. All I can say is that it has helped and I wanted to write this to let you know what a great product Rose-Hip Vital is and what it has done to enable me manage what I thought was going to be an insufferable situation.
    Gaby - Bondi, NSW
  • I have now been on my Rose-Hip Vital journey for two and a bit weeks now and am starting to feel remarkably better, I have struggled for years with arthritis in my hip, knee and lower back, this made it difficult when the children were young. I was at the chemist a month or so ago getting yet another script filled for my arthritis, when I saw the Rose-Hip Vital display, I picked it up and asked the Chemist assistant what she thought about it, her reply was that she couldn’t say for herself only that it could be judged on the amount of people who are buying it and keep on buying it. I thought it couldn’t hurt to try, so I bought some and here I am for the first time in a long time, despite the cold, starting to walk “Max” the dog again, not far yet but that will come, I can get up and down steps without difficulty and am generally starting to feel so much better, I haven’t jumped up and down yet, but give me time and I am sure I will, however, I am jumping up and down inside as I feel so much better. Oh my medication is reducing (with permission from my Doctor). Thank you so very, very much, will keep you posted on my journey.
    Denise - Knoxfield, VIC
  • I have been taking Rose-Hip Vital tablets for a year now and could not see me not taking them. This is due to the pain it has eased in both my back (I have three prolapse discs). But most of all for my hands as I have arthritis and I am a Pastry cook. Before I took Rose-Hip Vital my hands would keep me awake and throb all night, some of my jobs were nearly impossible but now I put in a full day with no worries. I would and do encourage anyone with joint pain to give it a fair trial. You will not regret it.
    Roy - Palmwoods, QLD
  • Quick effective relief of symptons.
    Kevin - St. Marys, NSW
  • I wanted to send you this email, to say a big Thank you!! You have made a big difference to my way of life... I recently started taking your "Rose-hip Vital" as I had lower back pain and arthritis in my right hand.. In the morning it became a stretching game before I was able to get moving. Thank you to your product I am now able to move a lot more freely and have reduced pain relief by half.. I must say that I am not the easiest person to convince in taking a product, particulary medication but after taking these tablets for over a month now I cant believe how great I feel.. I would highly recomend this product to any one that has hip, back, joint, pain!! This is Brillant!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Thank you!!!!
    Maria - Dingley Village, VIC
  • I would just like to state that since taking the Rose-Hip Vital (the pain caused through arthritis) has been a help and I certainly have had pain relief and my joint mobility has increased especially in my legs. It is a pleasure going to the gym - cycling and on the treadmill. Also this winter there has been no more inflammation or swelling in my fingers which does usually occur every year. I did suggest to a friend about taking Rose-Hip Vital and she is taking the capsules again definitely finding pain relief. Again thank you for your help.
    Jean - Alexander Heights, WA
  • I want to tell you how much Rose-Hip Vital has helped me with the pain of osteoarthritis. I was in pain all the time even though the doctor prescribed Osteo Panadol when I saw your advertisement on TV. I have been taking the capsules for three months now and feel so much better that I don't even think about pain. I can even take my large German Shepherd for a walk without any trouble. If everyone knew about your capsules for pain there would be no more suffering. My thanks go to your company for finding out about Rose-Hips.
    Vilma - Harrington Waters, NSW
  • "I have been using the dog and horse and human rose hip vital for a few months now and I have found it works amazing on all my pets. At first I was using it to combat arthritis in my dog shadow who was a large breed and had severe problems and it worked a great until she died. In the past two months I have been using it as a preventer in my new puppy Odin and I have found he gets fewer growing pains and has helped his hip problems. This product has also helped me personally as I have arthritis from many years of broken bones in my arms and hands and legs. I really love this product. And I recommend it fully"
    Luke - Chifley, NSW
  • Hi, I said I'd let you know how Mum is going on the rosehip vital. She has just finished her first bottle and already her hands look different. They were so swollen before and now they are going back to normal, of note is the size of her thumb joints, almost back to normal. I am sure she will have even more improvement with continued use. You have one very happy customer.
    Lorraine - Mudgee, NSW
  • I was referred to these tablets by a friend and am very pleased with how good they are. I have tried lots of things on the market and these tablets seem to alleviate a lot with inflammation & general well-being. Thank you
    Sandra - Dingley, VIC
  • I have suffered arthritis for many years however, last winter was my worst year ever and, after trying just about everything available on the market my wife saw an article in one of the local papers and she suggested that I buy some which I did from Martins Pharmacy at St. Marys. I have been taking Rosehip Vital now for 6 months and I have found that this is the only product available that has made a tremendous difference to me as I suffer very little discomfort and pain and I cannot speak highly enough of your product in fact I have recommended your product to quite a number of friends and others in the community. I am only sorry that this product was not available many years ago and, I will keep taking it until I depart this earth whenever that will be. I reside in the Penrith area which as you know is a very cold and hot area of Sydney, which at times is a very unpredictable.
    Ian - Cambridge Park, NSW
  • I had had a sore hip for 12 months and no one could tell me what it was. X-rays and physio for 6 months did nothing. I tried rose hip vital and the results were amazing. Within 3 weeks the pain was greatly reduced and now rosehip vital is the first thing I do every morning. Thank you for a brilliant product
    Lisa - Hornsby Heights, NSW
  • After the initial recommended doseage I have now cut back to 3 tablets daily as I found 5 tablets daily caused a lot of urination. The 3 tablets daily solved this problem without hindering the effects. My joints are functioning to approx. 80% without pain.
    Dave - Oxley Park, NSW
  • I recommend anyone with pain give rose hip a try, I had constant pain in my ankle and foot from an old sport injury and tried almost everything but all with the same result It didn’t take away the pain but after several weeks of taking rosehip i am getting results and I'm enjoying my life so much more because I'm not in constant pain.
    Kerry - Five Dock, NSW
  • I have now been taking Rose-Hip Vital tablets for approximately 4 weeks, and I am amazed at the difference it has made. I suffer from weak knees and quite often find it hard to walk up and down stairs. Since I have been taking the Rose-Hip Vital tablets I have noticed such a difference I am finding it easier to now walk up and down stairs, and the swelling I had in my knee has gone down as well. I would recommend Rosehip Vital Tablets to anyone who suffers from arthritis or joint pain.
    Leonie - Alexandria, NSW
  • I have been taking Rosehip vital for a month and have already noticed the difference. The pain I was experiencing in my knees is now all but gone and I am finding it a lot easier to get around and up and down stairs. I was recommended Rose-Hip Vital by a friend and would recommend it to anyone who suffers from joint pain or arthritis
    Leonie - Belmore, NSW
  • I have suffered chronic osteo arthritis since childhood. I am too sensitive to anti-inflammatory prescription medication that causes me very much discomfort. I get very good relief from Rosehip Vital without any of those systems. Thank you Rose-Hip Vital for improving my life.
    Patricia - Lucinda, QLD
  • Thank you so much for introducing me to Rose-Hip Vital. My animals also thank you! Rose-Hip Vital has made a huge difference to my Arthritis which I have in my hands, elbows, shoulders and knees.
    Leanne - Kurnell, NSW
  • I have been taking Rose Hip Vital for just on a year and it has made a huge difference to me. I damaged my knee many years ago and as I get older each winter my knee tends to ache more. The last year has been virtually pain free. I take 5 capsules a day and now and then if I twist or jar my knee I just boost it up to 10 a day for a week and I feel back to normal. I now work in a small pharmacy where I recommended Rose Hip Vital and I have great satisfaction when the customers come back for the second container as I know it has helped give them pain relief. I would recommend this product to anyone who has joint pain. I know it does work!
    Jane - Queensland
  • I just wanted to write in on behalf of my Mother in Law, to thank you for how much this product has helped her symptoms of arthritis. Before she started taking Rose Hip Vital, she could hardly move or turn her head without excruciating pain to the neck and shoulders. X-Rays had shown wearing of two of the cervical disks plus signs of Osteoarthritis. There was no solution other than a risky surgery or pain killers, both options which she did not wish to take. She started taking your product a few months ago on recommendation from a relative who was also taking it. She asked me whether I thought she should take it, as she was sceptical at the time, and also concerned about any possible interactions with her medications. After a bit of research, we decided to give it a go. What a change this product has made - my mother in law can now walk, sit, and do tasks without wincing. Her pain has reduced and she has even noticed improvements in her joint mobility since taking this product. We would recommend this product to anyone suffering from joint inflammation or arthritis, based on the results we have seen in a few months!
    Evie - Lidcombe, NSW
  • I would like to share my personal experiences of how Rose-Hip Vial has helped me. I had a swelling in my ankle for over 2 years which I showed to a GP and a specialist –neither had any suggestions on how to cure or even alleviate this painful problem. After watching a program on TV I decided to try Rose-Hip Vital. Within a very short time the ankle swelling went and has not returned. I also had back pain when working in the garden – such as bending or racking. Rose-Hip Vital has given me relief from this pain and also improved my body’s general flexibility. I am again able to have the enjoyment of doing work in my garden. Thank you Rose-Hip Vital
    Alex - Castle Cove, NSW
  • I am just writing to thank you for a wonderful product, Rose-Hip Vital. I have been taking them for 2 years now and would not be without them. I have arthritis is bothy my knees and hips and I get great relief. Thank you again.
    Judy - St. Marys NSW
  • I’ve been suffered the knee pain and joint pain my fingers. After taken Rose-Hip Vital 3 weeks, I could see the difference. Swollen finger joint has disappeared and my knee pain eased.
    Irene - Blackett, NSW
  • I am writing to let you know that I have found Rosehip Vital to be quite the most excellent product for alleviating the pain of osteoarthritis (OA). I have moderately severe OA in almost every joint in my body but it is particularly bad in my knees, lower back, hands and feet. Although I had read the results of all of the clinical trials I was still very skeptical about this product as I do not have much regard for alternative medicines. However, I have been taking Rosehip Vital now for about three months and the results have been quite dramatic. I began to notice a distinct improvement within three weeks of commencing to take Rosehip Vital every day. Now, I no longer take any type of anti-inflammatory medication nor do I have the need to take analgesics on a regular basis as I had been doing for many years. Many thanks for introducing me to Rosehip Vital. I am strongly recommending it to all my friends who have OA.
  • I have been on rosehip vital for 6 months. Very beneficial results when i woke up in the morning, and noticeably pain free during the day. I started taking this wonderful Rose-Hip Vital because i was in quite a bit of pain in my fingers and starting to get those arthritis looking fingers. I bought some for my husband as well; he suffers from worse pain than me with osteoarthritis in his wrists. Larry wasn't going try it. He didn't want to spend any more money, on products that didn't work...... UNTIL just recently he was so uncomfortable with swelling and pain, Larry actually suggested he should try the Rose-Hip Vital, he could see how the product benefited me. Larry loves Rose-Hip Vital after only been taking for a couple of weeks, and is now telling everyone how Rose-Hip vital works – how much more comfortable he feels Thank you for your wonderful product
    Julie and Larry - Yowrie, NSW
  • I had osteoarthritis starting in my fingers, & the GP said there is nothing you can really do. My mother & her mother had "claws" for fingers, & so I was resigning myself to the same fate. Then I saw the segment on TV for Rose Hip Vital. So I went out & bought it the next day. Within a week of starting the treatment my fingers lost their redness & the pain eased. I have been on Rose Hip Vital for at least 18 months & can't believe the results. The enlarged joints have shrunk & the redness is gone, I have no pain. I know the disease has been stopped. I just wish I had taken before & after photos. It is a miracle treatment as far as I am concerned, with no side effects.
    Tracey - Concord, NSW
  • This email is to tell you that your product Rosehip Vital is absolutely brilliant for my husband (Robyn from Grogans Pharmacy Corio) father. He takes this product every day and has very little arthritis, there are some days that he has a twinge but 95% of the time he is pain free
    Margaret - Lara, VIC
  • I just wanted to write and thank you so much for advising me to try Rose-Hip Vital. I have three bulging discs and lumber spondylitis and often struggle to stand on my feet towards the end of a working week. I do have massage once a fortnight to help Me with Management of the condition which obviously helps, but since taking Rose-Hip Vital I have noticed a significant improvement In my mobility. I have been climbing ladders at work and towards the end of the week my back doesn't lock up anymore. I haven't taken any pain killers since the third week of taking Rose-Hip Vital. I really want to thank you for your advice and I will certainly be recommending it to our customers At the South Gympie Malouf Pharmacy.
    Ellana - Gympie, QLD
  • Took the pain away from knee and hips.
    Erle - St. Clair, NSW
  • I became aware of Rose- Hip Vital a little more than a year ago when speaking to a Naturopath (Fiona) at Chemist Warehouse in Greensborough. She introduced me to it after explaining to her that I have trouble with glucosamine upsetting my stomach. Fiona said she had good feedback with the fairly new product Rose Hip Vital and that I should try it and let her know. I have been on Mobic for some years but found it helped only a little and still had trouble with arthritis in my fingers and knees also my back. As I work part time as a beauty adviser in a retail store, I am on my feet on cold hard tiles and felt that I would have to give up my job as it was becoming too painful. After 3 weeks on Rose Hip Vital not only was I free from pain but my fingers were more nimble and I was able to make a fist with my hand. I had been unable to do this with my left hand due to not being able to bend my pointer finger. I am now on 6 capsules a day (due winter) but summer I take it down to 5. Some months ago I ran out of them and did not take them for 3 days, it not take long for the pain and stiffness to return, 3 days in fact.
    Judy - Greensborough, VIC
  • I have had severe pain in my right elbow (not great as I'm right handed) for over a year. It is exacerbated by housework and any twisting movement in the arm. I had been told by my GP that it is tendonitis and not able to be cured unless I stop using my arm(!) I started having to take pain killers daily to cope with the pain. I began taking Rose-Hip Vital in May and within three weeks have become pain free which is such a relief as i thought i would have to live with the pain. I have also noticed an improvement in my skin so I will be continuing to take this product for life! Would happily recommend Rose-Hip Vital to anyone with joint pain
    Helen - Lilyfield, NSW
  • It was so nice to talk to you this morning Jill. Could not move my left hand and wrist + could not sleep with the pain. Had to try and keep working as a house and office cleaner, as well as look after 15 older people, 15 hr days, and 24,000 steps a day. Gout and arthritis in joints. Looked up internet to see If I was eating the right food for gout, 100% NOT eating right. Had bought Rose-Hip Vital couple of months ago for my husband, he didn't want to try it. Lights went on when I read that medicine to treat gout with is dangerous to body, so thought, why don’t I read up your brochure to see if it might help me. I have allergy to aspirin so cannot take anti -inflammatory’ s, and as gout sufferer cannot have seafood, I have taken 20 capsules so far and slept the night without pain, and am 90% movable and no pain unless I move wrist the wrong way, Thank you. Also am eating the right food for gout. I was told not to expect miracles fast as this is a natural product, and will take a month or so to work. WELL guess what, this is a miracle, will be back at work tomorrow after 1 day off. I don’t take any other medication only this one. Thanks again.
    Janelle - Port Macquarie, NSW
  • Was having painful wrists for over 18 months tried different remedies to no avail. Started Rosehip Vital within x 3 days pain had improved, another approx. 2 weeks was pain free & have remained so for 12 months.
    Dot - Colyton, NSW
  • I am an ex carpet layer, dragging and installing carpet and vinyl all day, not listening to what your body is telling you when it hurts because the job has to be finished in time. I was told 25 years ago that if i would not slow down or better stop I would end up in a wheelchair, but who believes that when you feel good with a bit of back pain sometimes. I stopped laying carpet when I turned 55 but still did build our home, in my own time and tempo nearly on my own with help of a very good neighbour. Now after the latest CT scan the doctor told me there wasn’t a normal vertebrae in my back so called osteo arthritis and got prescribed anti-inflammatory. After a while the problems started, tommy ache, not concentrating, not seeing properly; irritable etc. . Now from anti-inflammatory to Panadol osteo but use only half of what the doc tells me and fill to my own feeling with your rosehip vital and it seems to work. I use capsules and or in powder form. I will never be 100% but with a bit of that same back pain sometimes as in the old days I am very happy.
    John - Tarzali, QLD
  • I am writing to let you know how much Rose-Hip capsules are helping me. I cannot believe the relief I have with no sciatic pain at all. I have been suffering badly with it for 2 years after 2 back operations. Also I am not using any creams or tablets, any medication at all for osteo-arthritis which I have from the souls of my feet to the base of my skull and all points in between. I have never felt better even overall in my well being and my friends have also noticed a change for the better in me. I realise everything doesn’t work for everybody but Rose-Hips are most certainly working for me and I couldn’t be happier.
    Marlene - Woy Woy, NSW
  • I have been having absolutely amazing success with the GOPO tablets for myself-before taking it I could not use my right foot properly it has been like it for 10years-no doctor or specialist has been able to solve the issues with it often ceasing up badly in the cold weather-it is now fully functional-I am so impressed, plus the Rose-Hip Powder for my horse and my sons dog has helped them both so much-poor Sammy could hardly walk with her arthritis and she now has a spring in her step, whilst the powder helped my horse heal quickly from a fence injury-thank you so much for letting us be a part of the trials-it has helped us all with amazing results. I cannot wait to also be able to purchase the oil :)
    Marilyn - Brookhampton, WA
  • My husband John has had knee pain for years and after being on Rose-Hip Vital for just 3 weeks he noticed at least 75% pain relief. John has just finished 3 days of maintaining the farm vehicles something he couldn’t do before as standing on cement for even a day his knees would ‘kill him’ also the joints on his hands are no longer swollen and painful. We can even go out dancing now and his knees are pain free next morning. Thank you for this amazing product.
    Diana - Gayndah, QLD
  • I’ve had arthritis for years and now with degenerative discs in my back and neck and now the knees etc really crook, it’s made it extremely hard to keep up with everything especially gardening so generally it’s an hour at a time then lay down and red for an hour etc, then I start again etc. so WOW! I did 4 hours straight cutting, potting etc. I was so pleased and all I’ve done different is to take 250 Rose-Hip Vital capsules, so thank you.
    Joan - Miller, NSW
  • I am using Rose-Hip Vital capsules for severe Arthritis and swelling of the fingers & joints in both hands. I have been taking the capsules for about 6 weeks and I’m pleased to say that the relief to the pain and swelling has improved by at least 90%. Can you tell me how long I should take the capsules - if I feel I have had sufficient relief do I stop taking the capsules or should I tapper off their use or just take 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 capsules a day or a week. I do not want the pain and suffering to return, but I also don't want to take unnecessary capsules.
    Deirdre - Bayview, NSW
  • Since starting Rose-Hip Vital the pain in my hands and in my wife’s knees has decreased greatly and we are able to have a normal life.
    Ken - Lethridge Park, NSW
  • Since taking Rose-Hip Vital my arthritis has improved immensely, and has replaced all other Doctor’s medication. I have recommended it to my family and friends. Thanking you
  • I had osteoarthritis starting in my fingers, & the GP said there is nothing you can really do. My mother & her mother had "claws" for fingers, & so I was resigning myself to the same fate. Then I saw the segment on TV for Rose Hip Vital. So I went out & bought it the next day. Within a week of starting the treatment my fingers lost their redness & the pain eased. I have been on Rose Hip Vital for at least 18 months & can't believe the results. The enlarged joints have shrunk & the redness is gone, I have no pain. I know the disease has been stopped. I just wish I had taken before & after photos. It is a miracle treatment as far as I am concerned, with no side effects
    Tracey - Concord, NSW
  • My knee joint pain & arm fingers are very soare usualy in the morning. By taking Rose-Hip Vital have taken in 3 weeks. I got a pleasant result. However, been passed it on the good outcome to my family and friends, provide relieves pain fast. Thank you Rose-Hip “UR numero uno”
    Michael - Claremont Meadows, NSW
  • I am a 67 year old female who has suffered Osteo Arthritis since I was 38. The areas that I have this problem are, feet, knees, hips, lower back, shoulders, elbows, hands & neck. I currently have had 2 Total Hip Replacements & 2 Total Knee Replacements, the latter just under 3 months ago. With the knees, I have been using your ROSEHIP OIL, on the wounds. They have healed up very nice & pink. I am now trailing the ROSEHIP OIL on my face, as it is very dry & peely. I have tried numerous creams, but no luck. So will keep using the OIL to see how it goes. I first found out about ROSEHIP VITAL CAPSULES, from my sister in law, who told me to try them. I had been taking them for about 15 months, when I had a Chemist Review , recommended by my DR. as I was taking too much pain medication. During the interview the Chemist asked if ROSEHIP VITAL was doing me any good, as I wasn't sure, she advised me to go off them for a while, which I did. After 10 days the pain in my shoulders got very bad, so I resumed taking ROSEHIP VITAL. After about 1 week the shoulders settled down. On 21 September, I underwent Double Knee replacements, I had to go off taking the ROSEHIP VITAL capsules 1 week before my surgery, as they are said to be blood thinning, as I was injecting CLEXANE for a month after surgery, I resumed taking the ROSEHIP VITAL, after finishing the injections.It was recommended to restart the capsules at 10 a day until pain subsided. I will continue to take ROSEHIP VITAL CAPSULES as long as necessary Thank you Rosehip Vital, my life is so much better now.
    Marie - Yanco, NSW
  • I am sixty years old and a rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis sufferer. Three and a half years ago the pain of arthritis in all my joints, my back, my toes – everywhere - meant I was taking the strongest painkillers available, but I was still in pain, just zombie-like. Every month I filled up to 10 prescriptions – for depression (obviously); for pain; for high blood pressure for the arthritis etc. I was stooped, hunched up, my legs would give way, and often I could not walk at all. Trying to sleep was a nightmare – my legs screamed in pain and if I got to sleep I’d often wake up unable to move, my body locked in a spasm. During the day my hands would spasm into claws. I found my specialist particularly unsympathetic: I was old, I was overweight and I had lost the genetic lottery. I should just shut up and accept it. One day, as I struggled to dress and was in tears about the fact that going to the lavatory unaided was not going to be a reality for too much longer, and that the promised wheel chair was in the wings. I didn’t want to live any more. I didn’t want to keep putting the poisons into my body that medicine dictated; I didn’t want any more injections into my joints; I wanted to be able to walk upright, and to be able just to walk every day. I hated being in pain. I hated being old. And strangely I got angry. Really angry. That anger motivated me to do some research into alternative ways of treating arthritis. The thing I kept coming up against was exercise...but how to do that. I couldn’t even walk some days. I discovered the local hospital had aquarobics for people with my condition. I was assessed and began going. Things slowly improved. Then I discovered that cutting out foods that are inflammatory helped me too - things like sugar and yeast, and I began to lose weight. I began to move more easily. My research told me that building up the muscles around my joints would help me function. After a year of water exercise I joined a gym and began lifting weights. I was still stooped over and in pain, but getting better. I got a trainer who understood the restrictions I had with movement. She wrote programs around my disabilities and I trained 5 days a week. After 6 months I was off ALL medication, and my pain was all but gone. My blood pressure normal, my depression gone, my weight normal. I still train 5 days a week, but now I call myself an athlete. I stand straight and tall. And just to show off...I bench press 55kgs, dead lift 75kg and (lat) pull down 110kgs. I am strong, and fit. I no longer consider myself disabled. I recently read the blog of one of the guys I train with (yes, I work out with the men in the gym) and he described the old woman bent over the weights bench. That WAS me in the beginning. BUT – and there is always a but. Six months ago my hands started to go bad again. They were not spasming like before, but they were constantly very painful. The slightest touch agony. It is like having red hot needles drilling into your joints every minute. My sleep was bad again, waking constantly with the pain. I thought maybe it was lifting weights damaging the already very damaged joints...but I could not, and would not, stop lifting weights. Then one day recently I saw a display for Rose-Hip Vital. What the hell. I bought the jar and started. It was miraculous – but then I should be getting used to miracles in my life! My hands are OK. They are a bit stiff still and they will always be deformed, but the pain has gone. I’m finding it hard to believe, but it is what it is. I am sleeping through the night again, not waking with pain. I did the ‘Farmer’s walk’ at the gym this morning (carrying a 25kg weight in each hand while walking up and down) and I did not feel like crying at the end. I had no hand pain at the end. I have not changed anything (because what I am doing for my health is so right for me) apart from adding the Rose-Hip Vital. I think it is the final tool in my fight against this disease that three years ago was ending my life. And I no longer see doctors.
    Susan - North Ryde, NSW
  • Less pain in joints, less back pain, using 1.5 months.
    Bob - Dharruk, NSW
  • I started using rosehip vital in May 2012; at that stage I had given up I was ever going to be able to surf without back pain again. I have lived an athletic life yoga, swimming, windsurfing, snow skiing and boarding cycling and surfing which I have loved the most and with my most recent addition being soft sand running. Somewhere along the way I injured my lower back in the L4&5 regions and have for the past 20+ years been managing the injury and pain. When I initially started to feel lower back pain I saw my first chiro and physio but over the years almost lost hope I would be able to wake up with no back pain. I have been to sports injury specialists which have always helped but nothing has lasted. Tried numerous beds and pillows. I still go to the chiro and I have found a great acupuncturist who together help me manage my body’s aches and pains. I also have found massage very useful. Since I have been using rose hip vital I have still had to employ the services of therapists to assist me when I get injured but the main difference I have noticed is an injury in the past has that has lasted weeks now lasts hours or days. Recovery is so rapid. What I found was that after taking rose hip vital for approximately two weeks I noticed the tension in my lower back had reduced and after a month had almost gone. I can only assume there was some internal swelling that taking rosehip vital helped deflate. I was not doing or eating anything different and with my new found freedom I could start surfing again. I even booked myself on a 10 day boat trip surf holiday a couple of months away. This was nerve racking as I had tried this in the past and had it end in me spending most of the time out of the water in pain. Determined to give it a good go I started preparing as before swimming more often than normal to gain as much paddle strength as I could enabling me to spend as much time in the water as possible then after another month I started yoga again. I have done a lot of yoga in the past but in the end I had to stop because a small over stretch would end in escalating pain and a couple of weeks of no physical activity and depression. In short I went on my boat trip and I felt pain from time to time for moments but it was almost like I have a young body again because my recovery was immediate or at least by the time I awoke the next morning I was able to push myself again. I am still doing yoga and surfing regularly. Sunday I am riding in the Sydney Wollongong ms ride and I now feel confident that I will probably feel a few aches and pains in my future but I am a lot more relaxed about doing sport knowing that I manage things a whole lot better. I have formed an addiction to rose hip vital having either 3 caps a day or a scoop of powder over cereal. The other thing I have noticed is I have had a winter free from colds and flu. Not even a runny nose and I have been around several people with the flu at work.
  • It is with great pleasure that I desire to thank you for introducing ‘Rose-Hip Vital” to the Australian market. Having passed my 80th year and after having both my knees replaced, I am now free from arthritis in my hands, knees and lower back, due to the use of your product over the past twelve months. As a previously dedicated Lawn Bowler (prior to the above) over the past 25 years both ‘on the green’ and in the Committee Room I am now able to again enjoy the company of my fellow Bowlers, which I attribute to the use of Rose-Hip Vital. After the conclusion of a ‘game’, health problems are often discussed and I have no hesitation or problem in recommending your product to my younger and sometimes older compatriots.
    Barry - Terrigal, NSW
  • Fantastic for reducing joint pain in fibromyalgia. Highly recommend giving it a try.
    Glykeria from Facebook
  • Hi Rose-Hip Vital fans, my name is Klara...I just had a chat to a lovely guy "Justin" over the phone about the amazing results I've had w/ Rose-Hip Vital & wanted to share my great news w/ all of you too...I've been using Rose-Hip Vital with GOPO myself for around 2yrs continuously now after watching an ad on t.v...I have long been suffering w/ lower back pain (arthritic) & in general, & knee/joint pain for most of my adult life, most of which is a result of a car accident as a teenager...the pain is debilitating & my quality of life was affected greatly. I started using Rose-Hip vital & within about a week I was amazed at the relief I was getting..I knew it was no coincidence as I had been prescribed a very strong narcotic for the pain & had been using that for nearly 10yrs with relief being less & less..I now use this product & tell my family & friends because after suffering w/ this type of pain w/ no real break from it, finding the Rose-Hip Vital has absolutely changed my life!..pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories aren't an option long term as they thin the blood which can cause some very severe side effects..please bare w/ me a little longer, as the news gets better..Myself alone can't express how great these products are, if you have arthritis or back pain, you will know how awesome it is to to not suffer & I DO NOT hardly at all anymore, so this IS a miracle
    Klara from Facebook
  • Len from Waratah, NSW I am 89 years of age, Arthritis started in my right knee and thigh some months ago. After I was treated by my doctor, I had cortisone injections and Physiotherapy, but my condition did not improve. I heard about Rose-Hip Vital, so I contacted a very helpful lady, named Jill, at your main office. She told me that I could throw away all my prescription medicine, if I take a course of Rose-Hip Vital. I carried out her directions, and three months later, I no longer take prescription medicine and I have thrown away my walking stick. Now I can mow my lawn again and do my jobs around the house, as I used to do. I recommend Rose-Hip Vital to anyone willing to take it and follow the directions. I get an occasional twinge in my knee, but I am able to lead a normal life, thanks to Rose-Hip Vital!
    Len - Waratah, NSW